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Full audio and visual provision.

Your conference is our passion, and being heard and seen well is at the heart of most events.

With every event we offer complimentary audio visual equipment. Each room comes kitted out with high powered full HD projection and PA equipment for your presenters to be heard clearly. If you’re used to doing lots of events, you’ll know just how essential getting that right is!

We don’t just get the basics right though.  We’re pleased to offer a full AV solution for any event you are looking to host. Knowing the scope of our rooms so well and with some creative flair too we love to get involved with events right from inception to help you create the ambience and feel you desire.

Working with local partners we can easily top up our in-house stock to give you a great price for your audio visual needs. Do get in touch for a quote today.

The professional edge...

Our number one tip for a smooth running event is to simply add a professional technician to your day. They will ensure every speaker’s EQ is set just right for the best audio experience. No bangs, no pops, no feedback – just a professional edge to proceedings. In addition, they are on hand to make sure your PowerPoint slides, quick time movies and whatever else your speakers bring on their USB sticks and cloud locations is on the screen for all to see, just when they should be seeing it! A real stress reliever for any organiser or nervous speaker.

We’re also one of Cardiff’s only venue’s to offer affordable video conferencing. Having invested in our infrastructure and equipment we can offer dual screen video conferencing to bring any part of the world into your room with you. Please ask for more details.

Whatever the event, talk to us today about how we can help make your conference excellent and save you money providing first class audio visual solutions.

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Excellent. All staff were extremely helpful. Catering was fantastic and many delegates commented on how good the lunch was. Thank you, especially to chef for taking such care with the special dietary requirements. Jim on tech was great as well. He took such care to help get everything right.

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