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14 February 2017

Getting close - it's not just for valentines.

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Getting close - it's not just for valentines.

Today is Valentine’s Day, when loved up couples everywhere make token gestures of their love for each other. What everyone really knows though is that Valentine's is not just for February 14th, but for every day. That’s not just an excuse made by people who forgot to do anything, but deep down we all know is true.

Part of Valentine's is getting close to your loved one. A warm embrace says ‘I love you’ far more than a salute across the hallway as you leave the house.

In the world of conferencing and presentations, the same is equally true.

This tip is so simple and so easy to execute, but I believe can make a huge difference in your ability to impart the passion you carry.

If you've got a message to give, don’t try and deliver it from across the hallway or even 12 feet away. Your message, that idea that burns in you, needs to be delivered up close and personal.

People need a reason to accept your message, they need to feel your passion and trust you. Closeness by its very nature helps build that trust. You don’t want to speak at your audience, you want to be speaking with them. You want to see the white of their eyes and engage with them as in a conversation.

Bring your audience into the theatre of your presentation. It may be you can only see the first few rows, but the effect on your persona and countenance will be felt by the whole room as you engage.

Practically speaking, close that gap!

If you are facing rows of chairs, make sure you are right up to them, don’t leave a big space. If you need tables for group discussions make sure the first 3 tables are not empty! Bring your audience forwards, have them turn their chairs and get in amongst them.

Get out from behind your lectern, draw your audience in and leap into the world of engaging presentations.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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